An Electrical device which converts an alternating current into a direct one by allowing a current to flow through it in one direction only.

A Rectifier is an electrical device composed of one or more diode that convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). A diode is like a one- way valve that allows an electrical current to flow in only one direction. This Process is called Rectification.

Rectifiers are used in various device including:

  1. DC Power supplies.
  2. Radio signals or detectors.
  3. A source of power instead of generating current.
  4. As flame rectification to detect the presence of flame.
  5. High - voltage Direct current power Transmission systems.
  6. Several household appliances use power rectifiers to create power, like notebook or laptop, video game systems and TV.  

rectifier circuit

Types of rectifier

Half wave: Either the positive or negative wave is passed through and the other wave is blocked. It is not efficient because only half of the input wave form reached the output.

Full wave: Reverses the negative part of the AC wave form and combines it with the positive.

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